Orð skulu standa [aðsend grein eftir John Zufelt]

5. febrúar 2010 | John Zufelt

I am told in English this means, 'Words shall stand" or perhaps, 'honour your promise'.

We have similar sayings: 'A promise made is a debt unpaid' and 'Stand by your word', are two popular ones.

Breaking a promise is a serious matter. Bankers know this and they are counting on your own guilt as their greatest weapon.

I have a little story for you as you contemplate the upcoming referendum.

Thousands of years ago rich people owned slaves. These slaves did all the menial work, heavy lifting, construction, farming and fishing, cooking and cleaning for their masters. But as the population of slaves increased to large numbers, the masters worried about keeping control. What would happen if the slaves revolted? There were only limited numbers of police and weapons to try and control such a crowd. There had to be a better way, to keep the slaves but get them to believe they were free and really did have free choice.

The masters also realized the disadvantages of direct slave ownership; the feeding, clothing, housing and caring were both annoying and costly. A solution was indeed found to make the slaves think they were free, and somewhere in the middle ages a conversion took place from outright slave ownership to economic slavery.

Economic slavery gave the former slaves, now called, 'workers', just enough money to cover their own costs of living, eating, and sleeping. Other than this simple adjustment, little else changed. It was important to give the 'workers' the illusion of freedom and independence; let them believe they had free choice, when reality was, they were doing the same labours as dictated previously by the masters.

Economic slavery is made possible through a false money system, and a rule that was made so many years ago and is still enforce today; "never-ever teach the slaves what money is and how it is created."

Does it not seem strange to you that in every school system, in every country of the world today, nothing is taught about money? What is money? How it is created? What gives value to money? How it can be secretly stolen? What is inflation? Money is required to function in almost every day of everyone's existence, yet we know little to nothing about these (extremely important) questions.

At one time, money had real value. The gold and silver that Egill brought to Iceland would still be worth a fortune today. Gold and silver have real value because labour and effort were required to produce them. They are in limited supply and have multiple uses within a society. That gives them value, so that people know they can trade them for goods and services. Yet, where the current banking system started out saying that their paper money was exchangeable into gold and silver, that promise is now long gone, leaving us with pretty pieces of paper—fiat money.

So here, in this little story I will make some statements about fiat money. See if they make any sense to you. Not only are we taught nothing about money, but we are conditioned to dismiss our understanding even when descriptions are presented in front of our very eyes.

Fiat money is made out of thin air. Only 4% of all money is in the form of paper or coins. The remaining 96% of all money are numbers on computers. Fiat money is issued as debt. Debt equals money. Money equals debt. If all debts in the world were paid off, there would be no more money—all money would disappear. Banks have no money to lend. Banks only have the ability to create money out of thin air (called: fractional reserve banking). All new money created out of thin air is issued as new debt, but the interest payments for that money do not exist. The interest payment money has not yet been created. Interest payments have to be stolen, or fought for, out of the previously exiting money supply, guaranteeing scarcity and bankruptcy. So, the money supply has to always increase and the more money printed, the value of existing money decreases. This is called inflation, and is a form of theft, understood by very few. Banks get to keep the interest on all these debts and if the debtor defaults, banks get to keep the property—win, win for the banks, and lose, lose for the debtors. Creating money as debt and charging interest on it creates exponential growth, which means the world has to create greater and greater amounts of debt, which will lead to a total world financial collapse. That collapse started with Iceland October 9th, 2008. Since that time the world bankers have been trying to re-inflate the financial bubble by creating 'trillions' in new debt. In the end, the bankers end up with all the assets, and the peoples of the world end up with lifetimes of servitude.

Make sense? No? To explain banking in a nutshell: "Loan people money that doesn't exist and charge them interest on it." Modern banking is truly a scam for economic slavery. In fact we do not even need banks, our governments can create money interest free.

What is happening in the world today is that the exponential growth of money (issued as debt) has gone vertical, and now that individual people have stopped borrowing new debt, corrupt political leaders of major countries are bankrupting their governments with new debt to give this money to the bankers, the true masters of the globe. Obama, Brown, and Trichet (EU) are exponentially increasing the taxpayer debt, enslaving these people for generations and giving the money to the bankers who demand ever more and more interest payments—all for money that they originally created out of thin air.

More and more countries are coming to the same position that Iceland is in. They are bankrupted by the false money system. Pension plans are being seized, government assets are being sold for pennies on the dollar, health care and social structures are being removed, and increasingly, more and more enslaved people are turning to watch Iceland to see what you will do, hoping you will have the strength to fight these looters.

Your referendum is a much bigger issue than many believe. The whole world is watching to see if you can defeat the false and evil fiat money machine.

"Orð skulu standa"

As a retired Bank Director, I am saying this is a promise you should break, for the sake of Iceland, and for the sake of millions of other people in the world. You should not repay 1 Krona, or 1 Euro or 1 cent.

Thousands upon thousands of people on this planet are sending you strength, good energy and love to battle these forces of evil. We support you!