Aðsend grein eftir John Zufelt

13. mars 2010 | John Zufelt

Congratulations Iceland on sending a strong message to the global banksters and your own politicians!!!

Yet, if history is a guide, the banksters have only just begun to fight, and now will come the true test of your politicians—if they will follow the will of the people or not.

In the meantime, here are a couple of links to what is happening to Greece, where the banksters are sucking their interest payments out of the savings and what little wealth is left to the common person.


EUROPE’S chief bureaucrat last night provoked fury after threatening to use the “full force” of the Lisbon Treaty to impose economic control over every EU nation.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso claimed that financial stability was so critical that sweeping new powers were needed for Eurocrats in Brussels to meddle in the economies of all EU members.

But his threat sparked an angry backlash from critics of an ever-growing Brussels bureaucracy.

It raised fears that the EU—under unelected new President Herman van Rompuy—is planning a power grab. …

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And here captured in photographs, is what is happening to the citizens of Greece: