Game Score: Iceland: 1, Global Bankers: 0. Round Two Begins! [John Zufelt]

22. mars 2010 | John Zufelt

Have you noticed how militarized the world is becoming? In America, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a relatively new level of police enforcement, has a budget larger than the country's education system. As State after State becomes bankrupt and thousands of teachers and civil servants get fired, DHS enjoys ever greater amounts of money.

And we have a whole new police force beginning in Europe as well—the, "European Gendarmerie Force", (see: for, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, which according to the website is, "aimed at improving the crisis management capability in sensitive areas." This begs the question; 'what crisis management in what sensitive areas'? I believe the answer is for the expected rioting which will soon escalate (already happening in Greece and Spain), as more and more of the people's money and social benefits are stolen for interest payments on debt that was created out of thin air. The terrible irony is that this police force is being paid for by the citizens of the EU to control themselves!

All the countries of the world are either bankrupt or going bankrupt—all from money that was created out nothing.

The Bankers want their interest payments, and concerning Iceland, neither a referendum nor an eruption at Eyjafjallajökull will distract them.

In an earlier post, I congratulated the people of Iceland on a successful referendum, but added a cautionary note, '*the global bankers do not give up so easily, and they will be back. It would also be a test of your politicians and their loyalty to the people or to the bankers*'.

I believe Round Two in the 'Iceland versus Bankers' battle has just begun (and with the help of your politicians), that being: 'Private Army Comes to Iceland'.

There are mixed emotions over this new development, and is it not strange happening so quickly after the referendum? …

Of course, the politicians defend this move by saying this new company is bringing 200 Billion ISK into the economy and the promise of much needed jobs in these depressed times. The propaganda machine even uses a close-up photograph of a young Tom Cruise sitting in the cockpit of a F-16 fighter jet conjuring up images of the movie, 'Top Gun', full of macho young guys bringing their hard earned money into the local town to spend on cheap drinks and fast women. Sounds exciting, does it not?

But there is another side of the story and very likely more realistic pictures that should be viewed.

After all who, and what is, this new company coming to help out Iceland in its hour of need? '*ECA Program Ltd*' is a privately-owned mercenary company based out of Netherlands. Mmm, Netherlands, where have we heard that before???

When you cut through the smoke and mirrors and pretty pictures, the job of this private military force is to kill, attack, bomb and destroy and/or control humanity, either directly (as assistance to other military warriors), or as a teaching facility to train soldiers in the art of killing, attacking, bombing and destroying humanity. And who are their customers??? When you sort through the layers of government ownership, the customers are the same bankers to whom you sent the referendum message.

Who is the owner of such a capital intensive company, ECA Program Ltd., after all owning '4th generation' attack aircraft, missile launchers, drones, cruise missile simulators and a host of other killing hardware costs a little more than setting up a hamburger restaurant? And then to have a spare 1.2 Billion Euros for the Iceland project is very serious money. My guess is this company is financed by the same global bankers, as well.

*Does anyone believe this is merely coincidental that days after the referendum, your government approves a private Dutch mercenary group to inhabit Iceland?? If you do believe it is coincidence, I have some sunny, beach-front property for sale on the north coast of Greenland*!

Have a careful look at their website (they already have pictures of Iceland on it). From it, we see:

Mission statement:

E.C.A.’s mission is to provide a realistic training experience for worldwide customer that is second to none. Providing realistic exposure to advanced threats, on a large and affordable scale so that they may, once again, learn the right lessons they can rely on in combat. ECA will provide exposure to realistic combat scenarios with an Integrated OpFor that is organized in depth, with integrated land and air assets (future capability includes naval assets).

Built on the experience of the management team along with Government and industrial partners, E.C.A. answers the training needs of armed forces around the globe. This is possible thanks to the fielding of an integrated system that is composed of individual assets such as *aircraft, drones, cruise missile simulators, ground based air defenses, radars, passive ELINT components and jamming complexes. The integration is obtained thanks to the resilient, fully off-road mobile, Command and Control, Communications, Counter-measures (C3CM) backbone. *

Be sure to check out the picture of the old US air-force base in Keflavik with the quote saying, 'they are worried about an attack from China'. Wonder how China might feel about that, and didn't I read that China was interested in investing in Iceland? Maybe not now.

*Personally, I believe that this private mercenary body may well be the global banker's private police force that will ultimately compel all Icelanders into submission to become economic slaves to the debt machine, which shall never end, and result in the loss of most of your natural resources, including fishing rights.*

There are multiple issues that every Icelander needs to consider. Here are two:

*An absurd irony*:

There is irony in that Icelanders said, 'no', to the global banker's debt repayment, and then say, 'yes', to their mercenary group, which may oppress the Icelandic people.

There is irony in the fact that money is the tool of bankers, and when they could not force you into servitude, they offer to give you money (200 Billion ISK) as a big fat carrot to welcome their military in to control you.

There is irony that as a peaceful people you have elected not to have a military and that now you welcome those who could well become your oppressors.

*A moral question*:

Since October 2008, we have seen the world become more and more militarized, more police, more cameras, more 'Big Brother', more private mercenary groups doing the dirty work for the bankers as country after country becomes buried under greater amounts of debt; as pensions and savings and health care and education are being stolen from the people of each country. The bankers fear resistance, so they are using our tax money to pay for more police to control us (more irony).

The moral question is: do you, Iceland, want to be a part of this military complex? Do you want your children working on weapons system to destroy more and more people on this planet and force them into servitude? Do you want to bring the global banker's private mercenary force into your homeland?

Few people are aware that in both Iraq and Afghanistan the banking systems have been removed and quietly replaced by privately-owned Central Banks—the same bankers mentioned above. And now those Muslim people who do not believe in interest payments (usury) on money because of religious beliefs, are forced to accept them at the point of a gun. For what it is worth, NATO is now nothing more than a global police force for the Central Bankers.

We have a US President given the Nobel Peace Prize, who has broken all his campaign promises, as he increases war into Pakistan and Somalia and Yemen, and has increased the military budgets many multiples above what George Bush ever did, who has kept open Guantanamo Bay, continued torture campaigns against people who can not get a lawyer to defend themselves, who is very likely going to start a 3rd World War by attacking Iran, and all this, while record numbers of Americans become unemployed, homeless and without health-care. Over 1 million US school children are now homeless.

Truly today, war is peace, and George Orwell is fully vindicated.

I know that for many Icelanders, they are tired of all this activity and all this negative energy, but the stakes are very high and there are consequences to doing nothing. As a retired banker, it is my belief that Round 2 has just begun. The bankers have the money, they have the guns and it looks (to me) like they have support from a number of your politicians as well.

Defending and protecting your freedoms is the job of an honest politician. If one will continue the stand against the bankers and their private mercenaries,and reject this military group (as Canada just did), that person or party deserves support and backing. It means more work, more discussion, more demonstrating, but the question is, what kind of future do you want?

[The opinions expressed in this post are solely the author's, a retired Investment Bank Director]