Dear People of Iceland

2. apríl 2011 | John Zufelt

I was pleased to talk to my Icelandic friend today as we had not talked in a while. He was sad because he believes the people of Iceland might vote to accept the European debt. My response was, "if you accept the debt, it is the death of Iceland. Your island, and your heritage will become the property of the global bankers. This is very serious, why would the people of Iceland do such a thing?"

He said he thought people were getting tired of the issue, and further there is a national sense of guilt if they do not pay. He said, there are so many sayings about debt and obligation in Icelandic, like:

Orð skulu standa


Deyr fé,
deyja frændur,
deyr sjálfur ið sama.
En orðstír
deyr aldregi
hveim er sér góðan getur.

So, now it made sense to me. As a retired investment banker, I know that people are concerned about honoring their debts, but the reason I am now writing this letter, dear people of Iceland, is to say that you must not accept this debt burden, which will give away ownership of Iceland to the global bankers.

There is a big difference between repaying a debt to a friend or family member, and repaying the banking system.

Why, because there is a dirty little secret about how banks create money, that we are never told about. It is the reason that virtually every country in the world is now bankrupt today. It is the reason the bankers are now getting all the roads, and buildings, and government assets, and why the bankers are demanding that health care and education and people's pension plans must be reduced. The dirty little secret is this:

Banks create money out of nothing and charge interest on it.

Now, from my experience I know that people can read that statement (above) a hundred times and still not understand it. We believe we need banks because they have money to lend, but that is not true, they do not have money to lend. All the bank's money is lent out - it’s all gone, but the secret is the bankers can create new money, with a snap of their fingers. It is created out of nothing - it is made up - it is magic money.

How the banks create money is a scam and a trick. It is actually an enslavement system that we never bother to consider.

Here's a thought. Two years ago, the world's money supply (all the money in the world) was equal to $50 Trillion USD. Last year, one year later, the world's money supply equaled $60 Trillion USD - an increase of $10 trillion USD. And if we looked back in history we would see, the world's money supply has always been growing. It begs the question: Where does all this new money keep coming from?

The answer: Banks create money out of nothing and charge interest on it.

If you borrow money from a friend, yes, you should pay it back because that is 'real' money that your friend has had to work hard to earn. We all know that money is hard to get, and how precious it is for future needs, so repaying ones debt to private people, is a responsibility that benefits everyone.

But when the Bank of England and the Central Bank of Netherlands created that money for the Icesave investors, it was created out of thin air - it was made out of nothing - it was a computer entry upon a keyboard. Once the banks create new money, it becomes 'real money' when it steals its value from the existing money supply (this is the cause of inflation). The bankers are really counterfeiters always printing new money and issuing it as debt to enslave people.

The famous economist, John Kenneth Galbraith said:

"The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it."

Banks create money out of nothing and charge interest on it. In today's world all money is issued as debt. Money is debt and debt is money, and there is an extra bit of evil included in this scam: When the bankers create new money out of nothing, they don't make enough new money for the future interest payments. We all play a game of, 'musical chairs', to make the interest payments on the loans, for when the music stops, a few people will not have enough money for their payments and will lose their house, or their car, or their boat. This added evil feature guarantees perpetual bankruptcy, and is the reason we are always fighting for money.

We know banking is a scam because our government could and should create the same money, interest-free. They used to do this before the global bankers bought politicians and stole the money creation system away from the government. The point is, we could have our money debt-free.

The global bankers have turned us into debt-slaves, and they, and the corrupt politicians (who work for the bankers) want your grandchildren to be debt-slaves as well. This is how the IMF has become the bloodsucker of the globe. If you agree to repay this debt, before long, the bankers will demand your health care, and education, and pension plans would all have to be cut, and then the country will have to sell all the assets to the bankers, who will always buy them with money that they create out of nothing. Within one generation, the bankers would own Iceland and the people would become serfs.

(If you want to learn more about the money scam, click here)

A question every Icelander should ask: What benefit did the people of Iceland receive for all this Icesave money?

And I think the answer is: You received no benefit from this debt, and in actual fact have suffered hardship because of the money scam, as prices for everything included houses, exploded.

So now the global bankers want you to become debt-slaves for money that you never saw, never benefited from, and didn't even know about until the bankers brought about the global crash.

You must not accept this debt. Together, we the people of the world, must send a message to the global bankers that we are not going to play the enslavement game any longer. As far as your politicians who say you must pay the debt, these people are traitors to the country. They work for the bankers and they should be kicked out of the government and placed in jail.

We, your brothers and sisters from so very many other countries, send you, the people of Iceland, our love and support, and we send you our strength to stop these global bankers, before the whole human population of the earth ends up in bondage.

Vote: No, to the debt!!